10 Reasons Why My Dad is the Best

10. My dad gets one day off work a week. He could use that day for anything he wants, but he’ll still choose to take me to the movies.

9. My dad used to have just ten children. But a few years ago, he opened his home and his heart to number eleven.

8. My dad is allergic to dogs. But he still let us get three.

7. My dad is the biggest football fan ever. But he’ll still turn off the TV and talk to you if you ask him to.

6. My dad cannot tell a joke to save his life. But he’ll still try to if he sees you need to smile.

5. My dad has risked life and limb at least four times – so far – to teach people how to drive.

4. My dad is one of the most generous people in the world, but he’ll still say “no” if it’s in your best interest.

3. My dad doesn’t know how to make s’mores, and didn’t mind when we all laughed.

2. My dad can always laugh with us, at us, and at himself.

1. My dad never had to be a dad, but he wanted to be. And twenty-five years later, he still does.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

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