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The State of My Room

My room is a mess right now. A rip-roaring, royal, eye-searing, neat-freak-freaking-out mess. And while I really wish it were clean, I haven’t the slightest inclination to clean it. I just sit on my bed, high above the disaster, and observe the mess with disinterest.

The state of my room is almost exactly equated to the state of my mind. If my room is disorganized, my mind is disorganized, and I end up getting very little done.

Hence, my lack of inspiration these last couple of days.

My sister, Elizabeth, and I rearranged the furniture in our room to accommodate our brand spanking new filing cabinet. It’s pretty big, and I think it’ll hold most of my junk. I have yet to actually put anything into it, because I’m lazy like that.

I’m pretty sure my messy room is the reason I have to take this break from Summer Rush, because I can’t focus on anything right now. And I mean anything. I started to write down in my planner that one of my riding lessons had been cancelled, and then I forgot because I was wondering why I hadn’t made up my bed yet.

I am a mess.

I slept in today, too, which is why this post is so late. Back when I actually had things to do in the morning, I tried to get up early and do my posts first thing, when my mind was at its freshest.


Anyway, what I plan to do with the rest of my day is get this atrocious room tidied, at least get started on organizing the file cabinet, and clear off my desktop – which has been a mess since the move.

Humble little goals, but if my the room is somewhat tidied by tonight, I might actually be able to put some effort into my entries for June’s monthly writing challenges.


4 thoughts on “The State of My Room

  1. Blah… same state.

    I am so lazy and disorganized, and with the recent additions of a job and guitar lessons i’m kind of slacking in the writer department.

    Have fun with that room! haha

  2. My room pretty much embodies horror. There is SO much crap strewn in there that it’s not hard to see myself as a hoarder in the near future. *cringes* Good luck with cleaning your room, though!
    AND hopefully you get some inspiration soon!

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