Apparently, I Have Crazy Eyes

Fun blog title, no?

But yes, I have crazy eyes, according to my sister, Dominique-Alexis. She has a website on natural hair and hair-braiding, and as I am occasionally her guinea pig for new styles, I get my picture on the site sometimes.

Anyway, she’s constantly updating the site, but I was checking it out today and saw her About Us page, complete with fabulous photos, whereupon I was deemed the crazy-eyed sister ^_^

But seriously. I’m proud of my sister. Her site is incredible, as are her wicked hair styling skills. I’m still in love with that braided Mohawk she gave me a couple of months ago… although I’m fairly sure it nearly made my mom hyperventilate, because the style was wild.

Sigh. Good times.

I was all set to link to my other sister, Elizabeth’s, blog today – she just started one – but she hasn’t done her first post yet! I’m attempting to kick her butt into gear, but she’s determined to be lazy. Still, I have great faith in my nagging – I mean, um, motivational skills.



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