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June Writing Challenge – Creature Feature

This is what I wrote for Sonia’s Creature Feature Challenge. I’m so behind on all my challenges! Anyway, I wanted to use a mythical/fairy tale creature that was super out of the ordinary, so I chose Mr. Nobody – the imp who causes mischief around the house. It’s a silly story, but here goes!

Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody was the one who cracked glasses and lost socks, because clearly I hadn’t done it, right? He was the man handy for taking all blame.

I blamed him a few too many times.

Saturday morning, I lay on my bed, organizing socks, when something hit the mattress behind me. I turned.

It was a little man.

He stood one foot tall, with brown hair like dandelion fluff, dressed in tweed suit and brown shoes.

“What the–?“

“Who the,” the little man corrected me. “Mr. Nobody, at your service. We should talk.”

“What the–?”

He sighed. “We have lots to talk about, particularly your habit of blaming me for everything.”

“Excuse me?”

He sat down beside me. “You’re Candice, right?”

“Candice Rio,” I said faintly.

“When you stay in walls and behind cupboards like me, it can be difficult to match faces and voices.”


“Now, I’m not above cracking a few plates, tearing holes in socks, or even carrying socks off. I’m an imp. That’s what I do. I enjoy harmless tricks. But you’ve blamed far too many things on me lately.”

I blinked, trying to recall the things I’d blamed on him. When the last cookie went missing, naturally I’d blamed him. I’d broken my cousins’ trucks, lost my mother’s earrings, and dropped a nail in the dryer.

Mr. Nobody glared at me from beneath bushy eyebrows. “I do harmless tricks, young lady, not harmful ones. I don’t like the rap you’re giving me.”


“We’re going to make some sort of truce about taking blame around here. Got that?”

After a minute I said, “You’re really Mr. Nobody?”

“Darn straight, kiddo.” He nodded his head.

I let my legs hang over the bed. “An imp, huh? You just mess stuff up for fun?”


I could be good at that. “You like cheese?”

He sighed. “Yeah. It’s hard to get to, though. The fridge door is hard to handle.”

“I could help.” I glanced at him. “You wanna’ go nab some?”

“I’m not in the habit of having assistants in my work.” He considered. “A’ight.”

We went to the kitchen. I grabbed the container of cheese from the fridge and took it to the counter.

“I love cheese.” Mr. Nobody hopped onto the counter. “We’ll split fifty-fifty.” He pulled the lid off and started grabbing cheese slices, a gleeful expression on his face.

“Hey… share!”

“Why?” He took a bite. “I’m an imp, y’know.”

“Share!” I reached for a slice, but he pulled the container away. Before I could swat him off the counter, I heard Mom.


“Bye!” Mr. Nobody grabbed a couple of slices and leaped to the floor. He disappeared into the cabinets.

Mom entered the room. “Candice!”

“But Mom!” I looked at the scattered, chewed up cheese. “It wasn’t me! Mr. Nobody–”

“You are too old for that silly story! To your room!”


She lifted her eyebrows.

Darn Mr. Nobody.

4 thoughts on “June Writing Challenge – Creature Feature

  1. Haha! I loved this. It might sound weird, but story was really cute and stuff lol. I think the cheese part is what got me.
    Great job!

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