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Writing Prompt

Is there anything that makes your character feel safe? Something comforting? Describe what it is and why it makes them feel safe?

I got this prompt from Ally, who got it from Creative Writing Solutions. Thanks Ally and CWS! Anyway, the character I’m using is Hell Hanneman from The Monster, him being one of my favorite characters of all time.

After I wrote this, I thought he sounded sort of like a crazy person. Huh. You be the judge!

The picture lay on the tabletop, its glossy finish catching the light from the window, making it gleam like a piece of glass. If he turned his head just a little, he’d be able to make out the subjects of the photo – Angelica and Rihanna sitting on their motorcycles, heads close together, maniacal grins lighting up their childlike faces.

And, in a minute, he would look.

But for now, he replayed the events of that morning over and over in his head, remembering the sirens, the gunshots, the bullets zinging past his head that could have put him out of commission. Permanently.

Every time he experienced that moment – that moment when his life was on the line, and it could go either way – he needed to be reminded why.

There were two lives in his hands, albeit very unwillingly. They thought he was the devil. What else could you expect from a man called Hell? But he was hardly a threat compared to the things he knew they would someday face. One day, they would be grateful for every black eye, every sprained muscle. Because he was teaching them to be fighters.

And they were going to be the best.

At last, Hell reached out and pulled the picture to him. He had two people in the world to call his own. He couldn’t call them family, or even friends. But they were all he had.

It was understandable and acceptable that they hated him. If they didn’t, he wasn’t doing his job. Still, it was comforting to know that, in the likely event they tried to kill him or run away before they had a chance to understand, he would still be able to see their smiles.

Crazy? Sane? What say you? Either way, you must go do the prompt! Off you go! –> CLICK ME


4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt

  1. I don’t know i’d say he just seems to be reasoning out what the actual situation is. Or at least, how HE sees the situation.

    I like the ending paragraph. Very powerful! Thank you for tagging 😀

    1. I’m having trouble decided whether Hell is really crazy, or really sane. He’s an interesting character, always doing something unpredictable the moment my back is turned.


    1. Sad is a good word, I think. He cares about the two of them a lot but is so obsessed with making them the fiercest fighters that they can be that he seems cruel to them.

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