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A Prompt: the Last Lesson

We all learn lessons as children that stick with us through out our entire lives. What “lesson” or “moral” did your character learn as a child that was very impactful upon them, one that influenced them through out their life? Write a scene in which your character has been taught this lesson or one that demonstrates the lesson they live by.

Prompt courtesy of Ally. These things are so much fun! Thanks, Ally!

The character I’m using is Angel, as I’m sure you all could have guessed. Haha. These prompts have been awesome for learning more about her life before the first novel in the Monster picks up, so I’ve been having a blast.

Hell stood opposite me on the training mat. “This is the last part of your formal training.”

I nodded once. I knew that. It was the dreaded Last Lesson in the combat training of Hell Hanneman. Nobody knew what the lesson would be. It was different for each trainee. But you came out of it different. Not the same person you were before.

He stood completely still, considering me for a moment. Then he said, “Hit me.”

It was ingrained in me to follow his orders immediately, but this one… attacking Hell was stupid. I fought him when I had to, in training. But he always attacked first, and I tried to protect my head. It was just how things went. I hesitated.

But only for a moment.

In the split second that I faltered, Hell attacked. His foot connected with my neck, sending me tumbling backwards, choking. My hands shot out to break my fall, and he slammed his knee into my ribs, knocking me to the mat. Pain spread through my whole body.

Get up, Angel. I forced myself to my feet, ignoring the pain. He was back in his original spot, like he’d never moved. The ache in my torso assured me otherwise.

“Do you think that, because you’re nine, people won’t hurt you? Wrong, Angelica. People will always hurt you.”

I didn’t respond.

“Hit me.”

Pushing my pain to the back of my mind, I took two steps forward and went in for a kick. He blocked the halfhearted blow, then slapped me across the face so hard I saw stars. I yelped as I stumbled, and his knee caught me in the ribs again. It felt like something cracked. Tears flooded my eyes, and I hit the mat. I wouldn’t be getting back up.

Disgust in his eyes, Hell turned and walked away. The training room doors slammed open as he walked out and Rihanna dashed in. She came over to my side.

“Are you okay?”

“No,” I croaked.

She gritted her teeth, wrapping around her hand around mine. “Listen to me, Angel. You don’t let anybody hit you. Not Hell. Not anybody. Do you understand me? Hit first, if you have to.”

I could just barely nod my head.

Lesson learned.

2 thoughts on “A Prompt: the Last Lesson

  1. 😀 I’m so glad you like the prompts. I tried to pick stuff that would help with knowing backstory of characters, because that’s what BTE needed.

    As always, awesome job on yours! We need to get Juan on bored… his prompts would be really good…

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