I’m Currently Dying

I had my wisdom teeth pulled today.

The dentist lied. The needle DID hurt. He said it was because I had skinny little arms, to add insult to injury.

Now I finally know what’s it like to be “put under.”

My mouth is killing me, and this post is just about over, because my mouth is still bleeding profusely, and I don’t want to get blood on my computer.

Until tomorrow then.


6 thoughts on “I’m Currently Dying

    1. I feel much, much better today. The hardest part now is 1) not being able to laugh without yelping like a big baby, and 2) not being able to eat all the yummy but hard to chew foods lying around.

  1. Oh thats terrible, I had mine pulled last year (but I was on so much pain meds I couldn’t feel a thing) Didn’t he give you codine or something? Mine did. Don’t worry about the bleeding it stops after the first day. But have fun eating only pudding cups and soup for the next week or two!

    Sorry… that was mean :/ Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Before the procedure started, he told me I’d be coherent enough during the procedure but that I wouldn’t feel anything, or remember a thing afterwards. I was determined to stay awake, though, so it’s probably my own fault. Haha. The real pain didn’t come until hours later, once I got home and the first dose of pain meds had worn off.

      I do love pudding and Ramen noodles 🙂 But of course my siblings had to have barbecued ribs for lunch today! Grr.

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