No LftM Today

No Lesson from the Monster today, I’m afraid. Today’s lesson was going to be Dialogue, one of my all-time favorite things, which of course means it was going to be a monstrously long post.

However, my concentration is shot, and I can barely keep my eyes open at the moment. I swear, this combination of very yummy Ramen noodles, antibiotics, and pain meds is enough to put an elephant to sleep.

But I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to finish the post tomorrow, and that my chipmunk-like facial appearance will have started to disappear by then. Haha.

Oh, and just for the record? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I have this habit of slapping myself when I can’t concentrate. Bad idea to do that after getting teeth pulled. Really bad.

Here’s hoping I’ll be less pathetic tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “No LftM Today

  1. :/ awww hope you feel better soon! I remember the chip munk face! LOL… it wasn’t funny then but now it is! O.o

    Looking forward to your post… but its funny that your meds made you sleepy, mine made me hyper…. And yes slapping youself is a VERY bad idea after your wisdom teeth are out! haha

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