Starting Again

Waking up at seven today, I felt like I’d spent the past six days on another planet. I went to have my favorite breakfast, Special K Red Berry cereal and milk, and GASP… my mom had mixed the Red Berry with the Vanilla Almond. Gr. My morning was officially ruined, even more so when I realized my mouth is still too sore to chew crunchy cereal.

I hopped onto my computer to venture into College Prowler to look for reviews on my beloved college, MSU. And… ANOTHER GASP… horrible reviews filled my shocked eyes. Horrified, I was plagued with images of going to visit my school and being crushed with disappointment.

Ah, starting again.

After six days of being pathetic and lying around bemoaning my aching mouth like a big baby, I am forced to kick my lazy booty into gear and get back on top of things.

My to-do list for today is a monster, and not even the sight of my bright pink day planner is cheering me up at the moment. But that’s okay. Because I shared Fruit Loops with my nephew instead of Red Berries. I went to another college review site and found amazing review on MSU.

On top of that, I am once again motivated to work on Summer Rush and write the bestest damn story that I can.

For some reason, I really want to go back to school now. Huh.

2 thoughts on “Starting Again

  1. Oh, that sucks! But I never eat cereal for breakfast lol. Eggs FTW! Either that or this DISGUSTING pill that pretty much slaughters my morning.
    Sorry about your jaw pains! *cringes*
    Lol oh, and thanks for linking me! Not even lying, it pretty much made my day.
    Good luck with the rest of SUMMER RUSH, and I’m glad you’re motivated to start working on it again!

    1. I had eggs for lunch! They had yummy cheddar cheese and everything.
      How could I not link to that post? I loved it, and I was all inspired and actually got some good work done today because of it 🙂

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