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Chocolate Incentives

Due to a request from a dear friend, I’m writing a series of posts on coming up with writing ideas, finding time to write, and staying motivated to write. It was originally going to be one post, but as so often happens, I became carried away. It’s already 2k+ words long and I’ve barely covered one topic. 

(On a side note, I’m writing this post by hand in my awesome new notebook.) 

But, as I’m working on the part about finding motivation right now, I kind of didn’t want to do this post. I needed to find some motivation ^_^

Since I’m at Panera, one of my favorite little bread-and-soup restaurants, I knew exactly how to find it. I got a big, beautiful, double fudge brownie with chocolate icing. 

Not everybody’s cup of tea, of course, but definitely mine! Just looking at it in its little plastic container makes me type faster. It’s sitting next to my computer right now, but before I started writing, I opened the container and just inhaled the deliciousness of the smell. 

I like chocolate, okay? 

I’m not letting myself even lick a crumb until this post is finished, which is why I’m typing as fast as I can without taking my eyes off the brownie. 

On other exciting news, the first day of my internship is on Monday! *jumps around* I’M SO EXCITED. 


I think this post is long enough. I’m going to eat chocolate. 

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Incentives

  1. AHHHH CHOCOLATE! mmmmm now i have to go eat a brownie too, lol. There is a box of them calling my name in the kitchen!

    Looking forward to those posts!

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