First Day of Internship!

Today was my first day at Thomas Nelson. It went by so fast, and everything was so fascinating! I’m pretty sure I looked like a tourist, walking around with my eyeballs practically exploding from their sockets while I tried to take everything in.

The morning didn’t start out so well, I admit. I overslept by a bit, then had to get up and do my hair, which was a complete and utter mess. I have some seriously evilly curly hair, and it likes to stick up all over creation and make me look like a madwoman.

But, after hair, I had to find some nice clothes. Gah. What a mess. I basically go to three places in my life – Saddle Up, which requires jeans and a t-shirt; the gymnastics center, which requires any old clothes or a leotard; and graduations, which require fancy dresses.

Clearly, none of those things were appropriate. I ransacked my drawers and my closet, getting more and more irritated. And I’ve realized something. I wear a lot of black. Whenever I buy new clothes, I always think I’ll get it in black, cause that matches with everything! Well, basically all my clothes are black.

But, at last, I found clothes. Then I didn’t have shoes. So I jumped in my car and flew to Payless, where I bought some (guess) black shoes. At last, all ready to go!

I managed to get to the building without getting lost (and I get lost a lot). But I was about an hour early. So I sat in my car. Literally. For an hour. I played with my radio and hung my feet out the window. Basically acted moronic because I was bored.

But anyway! None of that’s important.

The building is huge and utterly gorgeous. I could look at it all day long. The editor who I’m working with was super sweet, and we clicked right away. First order of the day for her was a meeting with her fellow editors, which I got to sit in on. They talked about book covers and book titles and new ideas for books.

I. Was In. Heaven.

I got a cookie, too 🙂

Then it was off to fill out some forms and stuff, and I was introduced to more editors, and I got a tour. I had all these questions prepared to ask, but my mind kind of blanked when I was hit with the whole awesomeness of everything, so I only remembered four or so – all of which were answered with long explanations that I wish I could remember word for word.

I was there for hours, but it all seems to have flown by in seconds. I came home and told my dad, “I got to sit in a meeting, and have a tour, and ask questions.” And he was all, “That’s all? And you thought that was fun?” Haha.

I can’t wait to go back on Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “First Day of Internship!

  1. That is awesome! Your working at a publishing house?

    How did you manage to do that? I wish I could find something similar where I live but my towns pretty suburban and lame… so you know…. I envy you!

    PS: I own too much black too, because I think that same thing also LOL!

  2. That’s so cool! Man, I didn’t even know there were major publishers in Tennessee. I live there, too, you know? Jeez, I never go anywhere. Congratulations!

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