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An Update On Everything

I feel like I’m centuries behind in all of these things that I was supposed to be doing, and I have no idea how I even fell so far behind.

Anyway, today was my second day at Thomas Nelson. I got to sit in on a production meeting, which is when the editors go over all their books and talk about timelines and due dates for covers and shipping and templates and so much stuff.

My mind is further boggled the more I realize how much editors have to do and how many different people are involved in the process of a single book. It’s a little overwhelming at the moment, but I’m starting to think that this is definitely the field that I want to be in.

On other fronts – yesterday was my second-to-last day of Saddle Up for this lesson session. I’m going to miss the students, but I’m excited to meet new kids and to get to work with new horses. I’m going to ask specifically to work with Beau, though, because he’s my buddy.

As for the editing of Summer Rush… blegh. I have got to get myself motivated to work on that sucker again. I read this fascinating post a while back, and I think my problem is that I’m too intimidated by the whole of the project. I’ve been trying very hard to think of it as just one chapter at a time, or even just one paragraph at a time, but that’s harder than I realized. A lot harder.

My JulNo novel has all but died. I know I’ll finish it eventually, but the complexity of the project is… well, it’s a little more than I bargained for. Awhile back I said that some projects I outline and some I don’t. This one needs an outline. It’s spanning some twenty-five years, and jumping randomly through time. I don’t think I can pants this one.

I’m still polishing up that miniseries thing I mentioned, and I need to kick my butt into gear on that one. I wrote it in my shiny new notebook (it’s not really new anymore, is it? Darn), and I need to type it into my computer.

At the moment I’ve got some twenty-odd emails piled up waiting for me to attend to, I never did make my bed this morning, and my sister just brought in some laundry we need to fold.

So, yes, I’m very much behind in everything!

How’re everybody’s to-do lists?

2 thoughts on “An Update On Everything

    1. Thank you 🙂

      Laundry folding is a skill I have mastered well over the years. I used to have to help with all four of my younger brothers’ laundry when they were too young to do it themselves. I’m a laundry folding machine now. Haha.

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