Writing, Writing, Writing

I got so much work done today. I’m proud of myself. My decision to kill a character has kind of made my timeline a mess for the bazillionth time. It’s killing me that I keep deciding to change major plot points then have to go back and fix the chaos.

But, mess aside, I did a lot today. Nineteen chapters of Summer Rush have been reorganized, and the night’s not over yet. Hopefully I’ll have Summer Rush’s brand new skeleton done by the end of this month.


4 thoughts on “Writing, Writing, Writing

  1. Yeah 😀 good job! I’m proud of you. Sorry I haven’t been around much, I’m just catching up on all my writerly friends blogs! have fun editing 😀

  2. Hooray for killing off characters! LOL the only problem I had with killing one of mine off is making sure everyone else’s reactions would be believable. Good luck with editing the rest of SUMMER RUSH!

    1. I always feel so guilty when I kill characters, because all the other characters are so sad. I cried the first time I killed a character – and it was just a horse.

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