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Trying to Get Back on Board

I have been such a mess lately.

Me, my dad, and three of my sisters rolled back into Tennessee at midnight this morning/last night after a long car ride. The rest of the family will be following us soon. I had an amazing time with my grandparents and my aunts and uncles, and I’m sad that it’ll probably be another year before I see them again.

This is my last week at Thomas Nelson! Today was pub board, which is when a bunch of editors and marketing people get together to discuss where to take old books, how new books are coming, and pitch new ideas.

The room was freezing me to death, but I tried very hard to pay attention (isn’t it scary to think that, one day, your book might be being pitched at such a meeting??!!).

Granted, this meeting was mainly nonfiction. Something that struck me was how well everybody knew their job. All sorts of jargon was flying back and forth – stuff it would probably take me another couple of months to completely understand.

Another something that stood out to me was this: two editors had a new book that they wanted to do. They were super excited about it. But when they pitched it to the marketing people, who are the ones who have to sell the book, they basically got a, “Meh, that won’t work,” response.

And just like that, a book was vetoed. The editors looked crushed. I can’t imagine how the author will feel. It really sucks.

Anyway, trying to stay on happier thoughts. I finished reading Wither. I’d give it a six out of ten, mostly because a lot of it was repetitive and overall a little depressing. The guy who the MC ended up being with seemed like the most boring character ever. I was rooting for the other guy.

And on that note (of rooting for the other guy, I mean), if you haven’t read Nightshade and Wolfsbane, go now and find a copy! GO GO GO! I love those books. And I swear, if Calla ends up with Shay instead of Ren, I will HUNT ANDREA CREMER DOWN AND MAKE HER PAY accept it with many tears.

Overall, I’m kind of a mess with all things blogging, but I’ve done lots of reading and writing on Summer Rush. I’m actually ahead with SR’s editing. Go figure. I’m more than halfway done, getting towards three quarters done, and the month isn’t even a third over yet 🙂

I’m planning on getting back to Lessons from the Monster this Saturday, because I’ve missed writing those. Ally, those questions are coming to you, I swear! Gah. I’m going to go make a to-do list.

2 thoughts on “Trying to Get Back on Board

  1. Your job sounds exciting…. I know i’ve said this before, but I wish I could get one like it :). Don’t kill yourself over my interview lol, though I am excited 😛 Can’t wait! And good luck with SR!

    1. This job has taught me a lot, not the least of which is decoding proofreader marks. I found myself using the standard marks rather than my usual random scribblings while I was editing today.

      As soon as I’m done with this comment and my post, I’m emailing you those questions 🙂

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