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I’m Free! (and other stuff)

I got my braces taken off today! It’s so weird. I can actually feel my teeth again, instead of a mouthful of metal. My retainer feels like wearing a horse bit and a gag, but who cares? I’m free! *dances around*

Tomorrow will be my last day at Thomas Nelson. Yesterday was actually supposed to be my last day, but there’s a really time consuming project that I wanted to finish, so Ms. Lisa, my boss, said I could come in.

So, I learned the other day what an O-wrap is. It’s the little slip of paper with the bar code and other information that goes on books you can’t print directly onto, like books with leather bindings or day planners and stuff like that.

And making a file “digi-ready” means to do lines upon time consuming (and boring!) lines of code on a book file so that it can be converted to e-books or iPhone apps. I haven’t done it myself, but Ms. Lisa explained it to me, and I guess I’ll learn it one day if I decide to go into publishing.

There was another term that I learned, but I can’t for the life of me remember it now. I should have taken notes in those meetings! I really hope I remember most of what I’ve learned in these past couple of weeks. I never did learn how to use that dratted time clock, though. I was forever asking somebody for help with it.

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