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When The Words Won’t Stop

When I’m writing, specifically, when I’m writing Summer Rush, I aim to make my chapters between the lengths of 2500 and 3300 words. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

Today, for instance. I’m rewriting chapter five to facilitate the untimely demise of Brett, adding a new character, and rearranging the structure of the scenes. Every now and then I glance down at the word count bar.

You see how that’s working out for me. Gah. The words won’t stop. They just keep coming and coming and coming. I’m properly introducing a character for the first time, a pool scene is a busy one to work with, there’re a lot of characters on my hands now – it’s kind of frustrating.

The words not stopping is also a good thing, of course. I’m almost finished with this draft, and if I do finish in the next couple of days, then it’ll be a record for me. I’ve been very busy! My once gleaming and tidy sheets of printed pages now look like this:

I want to be done so bad, I can almost taste it. I’m so close! Draft five is the last draft that will contain major rewrites (that’s what I’m hoping, anyway!). It’ll all be downhill from here on out, with polishing and line-by-line edits for ease of reading.

So close.

On a side note, you know that really distinctive smell of your new books? The day before my last day at Thomas Nelson, I got to smell a book that had literally just been shipped from the printer. Wow. Now that is some new book smell!

I hope that didn’t make me sound really weird.

And lastly, I’m hoping to unveil SR’s new blurb and first chapter! Heehee! I’m so excited. Very nervous, but excited, because of all the new stuff that’s taken over the plot. I hope you guys will like it!

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