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I put hands to keyboard to belatedly write of a momentus occasion. On the fifteenth of this month, I finished writing Summer Rush draft five!

Whoo! *Throws confetti and balloons*

That’s a new record for me, a fact of which I am very proud and happy. Now comes the really hard part, which is transferring all those scrawled words from wrinkled pages to the computer. That took me the longest amount of time with draft four.

But to be honest, I really don’t care! The major plot points have been set in place, and from here on out is polishing and trimming and stuff. Unless there’s a blue moon and pigs start flying, this is the last draft that required name changes, removals or additions of characters, and completely new plot lines.

It is, in other woods, a ginormous milestone! I’ll throw more confetti for that!

*Throws more confetti*

Yeah… in case you haven’t noticed, this is really just a post full of gleeful confetti throwing and patting myself on the back. I’mma shut up now.

Later, peeps!

(That’s probably going to be my closing from now on; just a heads up).

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