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I Am Ashamed

It has been over a week since I last posted, a fact of which I am very ashamed. Sort of. Actually, to be quite honest, I’m not ashamed at all. I have good reason, which I am about to explain.

Summer Rush, Draft Five, has been all typed up and printed! Yay! My darling project is now a grand total of 91,600 words, 28 chapters, and 285 pages. Characters have been disposed of. New characters have been added. The ending still makes me sigh with happiness (although I doubt it’ll make anybody else do the same) and the urge to  kill some of my cast has faded.

In short, I am completely prepared and super excited to start writing draft six! You can imagine how excited I am. If all goes according to plan, then Summer Rush will only need eight or nine drafts, so I’m getting close to the end!

Now that the grunt work of draft five is behind me, I’ve been taking a much needed and much enjoyed break from the SR project, and from blogging, too, apparently.

My mind has been wandering in circles, more or less, which led me to work on another project of mine – The Tidemaster. It’s only going to be 15,000 words, so it won’t take me long. Hopefully I’ll be done with it before I pick up on SR’s draft six, which I plan to start on or around September 5.

This is all relatively boring stuff, I know. So, on to something more interesting! My birthday is on Tuesday! Whoo! I’ll be eighteen. I’ll be… old (no offense to anyone who’s eighteen already; this is just my version of old!). Gosh. Eighteen. The big 1-8. I’m excited.

My sophomore year of college starts tomorrow, which is more interesting news! Okay, not really. It’s not even interesting to me.


A List of Things I Learned from Summer Rush Draft Five

(I bet you didn’t see this list coming!)

1. If you find scenes with a certain character almost impossible to write, if you hate this character with all your might, if you skip writing whole chapters just because this character is in it, it may be time to get rid of this character.

2. When editing on paper, Pilot G2 pens rock the world. I ran out while I was working, and I almost cried. So today I bought a twelve pack, and I have purple, aqua, orange, red, dark blue, dark green, light green, and black. Look out, SR Draft Six! Hahaha!

3. Editing doesn’t happen on its own. It’s okay to sit on your butt if you have your work with you and YOU’RE ACTUALLY WORKING. NO, EATING COOKIES DOES NOT COUNT. BAD, GAB! BAD! PUT THOSE COOKIES DOWN!

4. Inspiring quotes are only helpful if you don’t spend your whole writing hour looking for them. Don’t laugh. This could happen to you.

5. The joy of finishing a draft, or even a chapter, is the most marvelous thing ever. It makes everything worth it.

Adios, peeps!

6 thoughts on “I Am Ashamed

  1. Don’t feel bad. I stopped blogging for almost a month!!! Do you KNOW what this has done to my blog stats?!?! *is hysterical* But that’s great news! Draft six already? Crap! I’m only on draft three! And it’s going sooooooo very slowly.
    The list at the end of the post was great! Thanks for the advice! And the laughs! LOL!

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