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The Iron Daughter, Facebook, and Cultural Anthropology

I suck at writing decent, interesting posts, don’t I? I’m going to write a good one soon, I promise. My mind is sort of… well, gone.

But I’m happy to report that I have THE IRON DAUGHTER, which I’m so excited to read! The first book was so awesome. I love the characters and the setting and the plot and everything. *happy sigh*

SECONDLY, Facebook is fun. I was considering not getting an account ever because I really don’t need anything else that requires my attention, but then I was like, oh, what the hay? And it’s fun.

LASTLY, today was my first Cultural Anthropology class at school. Wow. That class is fascinating. If I didn’t love horses and writing so much, I would become an anthropologist. There’s so much stuff to learn, and I feel like it wouldn’t all fit in my head even if you pounded it in with a sledge hammer. And this is just an introductory class for once branch of anthropology!

I’m still writing, more or less. I’m trying to edit a chapter of Summer Rush each day, now that my analysis is done. It’s sort of working ^_^

2 thoughts on “The Iron Daughter, Facebook, and Cultural Anthropology

  1. Facebook is soooooo addictive! Twitter, too! You should definitely get on Twitter lol. I need more WordPress friends to follow.

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