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Talk About A Guilt Trip

I feel so lazy right now… I don’t even remember when I reposted the first five chapters of Summer Rush on Inkpop. It was months and months ago; that draft is so obsolete now. Every now and then I would get a comment or message on Inkpop, somebody oh so politely asking me if I was ever going to get off my lazy arse and post more (my words, not theirs, haha).

Well, I’m doing my best, sort of. It’s the eighth, and I’m on chapter five. I’m pretty close to being on schedule. I’ll be able to catch up tomorrow, since I don’t have school, and over the weekend, if I’m very lazy.

The first couple chapters of SR are more or less tidy to my very tired of reading this darn wonderful novel eyes. It’s the later chapters that will require more elbow grease, so I’m enjoying the easy going while I can.

I know that once I ship my poor baby off to betas, they’ll find all sorts of crap that I’m too close to the novel to see, and I’ll probably get that same I SHOULD GIVE THIS NOVEL TO MY DOG FOR TOILET PAPER feeling that I got when I read through the first draft.

Ah. Such is life. I’m kind of looking forward to it.

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