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I Apologize

I really suck at posting regularly, don’t I? School and writing and practicing my brand spankin’ new piano takes up most of my time, and I admit, it’s kind of giving me a headache, too.

My lack of anything decent to write about is pretty obvious, huh? Grr. I actually have a Lessons from the Monster post in the works, but I hardly have a split second to give it any attention.

So, I shall fall back on my staple post! A list! Haha. You’re so sick of lists, aren’t you? I love ’em. They’re fun.

Without further ado, I give you…

5 Ways to Be Inconspicuous While Editing Your Novel In Class

1. Be aware that you can’t be flipping pages continuously during class; your teacher will get suspicious. If there’s a slideshow going on and the lights have to go out, you’re lucky. Nobody will notice. Try to turn pages when your teacher’s back is turned or when you have to turn the page in your textbook.

2. Glance up occasionally at your teacher, and nod when they speak. That way, you’ll look like you’re taking notes when you’re writing, rather than being completely engrossed in your own thing.

3. Sit with a tall person in front and behind you. That way your teacher can’t see you and will be less likely to call on you or notice what you’re doing. Make sure they don’t realize you’re hiding, or they’ll make a point to call you out.

4. No matter how much you want to, do not laugh or smile in response to anything in your novel. Your teacher will ask you what you’re laughing at, and protesting “nothing” will get you nowhere. They’ll either get the truth out of you or you’ll have to come up with a convincing story, neither which will be easy.

5. If at all possible, answer a question or contribute to the conversation in the very beginning of class. Then the teacher will be less likely to call on you – they’ll be too busy calling on the slackers.

Adios, peeps!

Disclaimer: I really do pay attention in class, I promise. And I am in no way advocating not paying attention in class! Really. Stay in school, kids. 

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