I Suck and am Awesome at the Same Time

I suck because not only have I only written one measly post this month, but this post will be lame, as well.

I am awesome because I finally finished typing up all the edits from Summer Rush draft six! Whoo! I can officially begin draft seven now. I remember there were things I made note of while writing draft six that I wanted to change in draft seven… and now I can’t for the life of me remember what they were. I should have written them down.

Draft seven is all that stands between me and beta readers now, and I’m starting to get excited again. Although half the month is gone, I have every faith in myself that I’ll finish draft seven before November, anyway. I mean, heck, when you’re going into a draft without knowing any big things that need to be fixed, it can’t possibly take that long to write, right?

I swear I will do something useful with this blog soon. I’ve written nothing intelligent lately besides my anthropology and philosophy papers. Total side note: we watched Minority Report in philosophy. It’s a pretty interesting movie. You all must watch it if you haven’t already. As I tend to be the last person to watch movies, you probably all already have.

So… yeah. Useful post soon, I promise! But don’t hold me to that promise! Haha. I will do my best; I’ll put it that way. I’m been very distracted lately by all these

which I got from the Half-Price Bookstore. (Just pretend the picture is right side up.) That place is dynamite.

I’m thinking this upcoming useful post will have something to do with the MONSTER *is secretive* It could possibly be fascinating.

Adios, peeps!

2 thoughts on “I Suck and am Awesome at the Same Time

  1. Glad to have you back! I have seen Minority report and it is amazing! I love HPB, I go there all the time, it’s possibly the most amazing place in the world… 🙂 Good luck with SR D7

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