Holy Mackerel, NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month has a tendency to take over my life. It really, truly does. I think about my NaNo novel during class. I think about it while I eat. I’m paranoid that every time my sisters are out of my sight, they’re secretly writing to try and pass my word count.



My NaNo novel, honestly, has nothing to do with the NaNo Novel 2011 tab here on the blog. I scratched that idea after about ten thousand words. It wasn’t working for me. Not surprising, considering the only plotting I’d done was, well, I could write about a virus.

You think I’m exaggerating. The sad thing is, I’m not.

Anywho, I’m attempting to keep my head screwed on right this NaNo, but it’s looking more and more unlikely as days pass. I’m devoid of Halloween candy, I keep letting writing time spill over onto study time (thank goodness the anthropology test was take-home), and I’ve started writing three different novels. There may be more before the month is over.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you… paragraphs from all three novels!

The Humorous Romance

“This isn’t over, Lex,” Rush said, stopping me in my tracks. I swallowed. I could hear him walking towards me, but my feet refused to carry me away and to safety. When Rush was right behind me, he put his chin on my shoulder, all casual, but his voice was anything but. “Hey, whoever said only girls get revenge for having their heart broken?” 

The Dystopian

A shiver of anticipation went up my spine, and my heartbeat sped up, pumping adrenaline to the tips of my chilled body. Heat flushed my face, and something in me strained forward. It was the animal senses, like Kendra had told me. You hated the games at first, but soon you were addicted. Addicted to the cheers, to the blood, to the roar of the crowd as they shouted for your victory or your death. 

The Mystery

Courtney Jason was fed up. She tried not to curse as she stormed down the stairs from her former apartment, clutching her backpack, which was stuffed with most of her belongings.

Happy writing, folks! I have to get back to my scribblings!

Actually, I really need to get to bed. I didn’t realize how late it was. Adios, peeps!

5 thoughts on “Holy Mackerel, NaNoWriMo

  1. I am with you on all of that XD
    First time doing NaNo, and I have no idea what I’m doing 🙂
    Good writing/Studying ^^

  2. I had a pretty bad experience with NaNoWriMo the first time I tried it out!
    Those were some GREAT teasers, by the way!
    Good luck!

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