Writing On the Go

Today’s been a busy day so far, and I’m about to head out of my house yet again. For some reason, when I have to be out and about whilst trying to put in my daily sweat, blood and tears word count, I like to write on paper. It’s so easy to talk myself into procrastinating when I’m on my computer, especially if I follow the “it’s only a few minutes, so I wouldn’t get much writing done anyway” mentality.

Although I didn’t finish my NaNo novel during actual NaNo, I’m getting close to the end now. I’m also getting close to finishing draft seven of Summer Rush. Maybe I’ll time it so I finish them on the same day. Double celebration! Woot!

I like huddling in a corner of a public place to write as much as the next person, but I’ll be very happy when school ends, the music school goes on a break, and even Saddle Up takes a little holiday. Cold and I do not mix at all, so I hate going out in the winter.

But, enough griping!

There are three more days until the deadline for my school anthology arrives, and I really want to submit something this year, as well as something to the honor society’s anthology. It’s time to sift through old things and see what’s viewable.

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