I Read My NaNo Novel And It Didn’t Suck Too Bad

A day or two after NaNo ended, I read back over my main novel, California Girl. And guess what? It doesn’t suck too bad! I know that’s improper grammar, which doesn’t bode well for the grammar in CG, but I’m very happy right now. I even just used an adverb without wincing!

Not only does CG not suck too bad, but I actually like it. Reading over it whilst sitting on my desk lamenting my lack of a desk chair, I laughed in the right parts of the novel. I laughed at a lot of the parts in the novel, actually, and I’m just hoping my enthusiasm will last long enough for me to finish and edit it.

This gives me hope. I haven’t finished a novel since I finished Summer Rush last year, so this year has felt a tad bit empty. I’d hate to see the end of it without finishing something.

Right now I have about 9500 more words to write, which should be a cinch since I’M OUT OF SCHOOL! WHOOHOO! Not that I’m overly excited or anything. I’m bloody excited about all my free time, I’m telling you. Can you even imagine all the writing that I can get done?

I can, because I’ve already micro-scheduled it all in from now until the day I go back to school.

Ahem. Summer Rush has a few more scenes to go, then I have to type it all up, then I have to disperse it to all the people on Inkpop I promised it to, along with my betas. Exhausting. I’m exhausted. I haven’t even started.


I apologize for being an absolute loser at posting regularly. I’m a bum, I know. Assuming everyone hasn’t been a bum like me, what’ve you been up to? Words written? Words not written? Slogging through finals? Get a new puppy?

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