I Know What You’re Thinking

How many times will this crazy girl squeal out I’M DONE! AGAIN! 

Well, this is getting on towards the last time, I swear. But I’m done! Again! I finished Summer Rush Draft 7 about two minutes ago. Then I hugged the pages and kissed it and did a little crazy dance celebrated in a completely dignified way before starting to write this post.

I’m so happy. Sort of.

Some part of me insists I can do one or two more edits, but I won’t let myself. It’s gotten to the point where I’m debating over whether or not I should put a comma in, which is ridiculous. If I obsess much more, I’m going to go stark raving mad.

So, Summer Rush pre-beta readers is finished. I have to type up all of those edits (UGH! WORST PART!) and then I’m going to send it off to my beta readers and focus on finishing California Girl (which is ALMOST DONE! WHEEE!), so you’ll probably be getting another one of these elated posts in no time at all.

I know how much you love ’em.

I love the fact that I can flip through my scribbled upon novel pages and see less red and blue pen markings than I did in any of the previous drafts. The pages are far from tidy, but at least they’re not bleeding out their innards (too graphic? Sorry).

Happy sigh.

Are you guys ready for the list?

Things I Learned from Summer Rush Draft 7

1. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing when you actually make sense. I pretty much cry from happiness when I realize something I’m writing ties in with something the characters said/did/thought earlier. It’s the best feeling.

2. IT’S TIME TO PUT THE NOVEL AWAY! I’m flirting with over-editing. My job here is done. Time to move on, take a break. Let the betas have a chance.

Short list, no? Okay, one more time!


Ahem. I leave you with this last piece of wisdom: Go check out this link for a chance to get a novel critique from an agent or author!

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