I Finished California Girl!

I told you another one of these ecstatic posts would be coming soon. I wrote “The End” on Summer Rush’s companion novel, California Girl, at exactly midnight last night. Then I sat there going, “Is this the end? This feels like the end. Is there more I’m supposed to be saying? No, I think it is the end.”

And it was.

So I’ve accomplished at least three goals for this year – edit Summer Rush, win NaNoWriMo, and write California Girl. Yay! I feel so accomplished now. Considering how I left the end of SR, CG’s ending was so… fulfilling. It was like all was at last right in the Lincoln world.

I just heaved a happy sigh. You couldn’t hear it, but I did.

As if the wonder of finishing this book (which has had about a bazillion false starts) wasn’t enough, I was awarded a blog badge from the awesome Ally over at Novel Ideas! Happiest week of my life!

Whilst being insanely and uber-excited about finishing CG, I feel like someone just snatched my baby away. I now have no projects in progress (besides my editing thing for that dude). CG and SR have both been set aside so I can distance myself from them before proceeding, and I’m not actively working on anything else just yet.

It’s a bit of a lonely feeling. I know it’s a simple thing to choose another project and move forward with it, but still. I feel lost. It’s like NaNo withdrawal all over again.

But of course, it’s also nearing the end of the fabulous year of 2011, and I always get this feeling, anyway – looking back while at the same time looking forward, thinking on everything you’ve done and everything you have yet to do. What all wonders does 2012 hold?


8 thoughts on “I Finished California Girl!

      1. Welcome to my world. I’m just finishing 😮 my current manuscript, and now I have to choose my next project. Picture a bunch of people jumping up and down in my head shouting “Pick me!”

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