Today I Joined Twitter

Not literally today. It was yesterday, actually. I haven’t tweeted anything or done anything intelligent with my Twitter account, but that’s beside the point. On a lot of the blogs I read, the authors mention their Twitter accounts, or some fabulous writerly link they found via Twitter.

I decided that there was this whole world of amazing writing stuff that I was missing out on, and I was not going to miss another second.

Holy mackerel. There is SO MUCH STUFF ON TWITTER. I’m following less than twenty people, and I’ve already found upwards of ten awesome articles on writing, everything from building platforms to the e-book pricing debate. Granted, it’s killed about two hours of my day, but still. Awesome stuff.

I’m going to become an addict. I just know it.

6 thoughts on “Today I Joined Twitter

  1. Twitter is great. You’ll love it. It is easy to get all consumed by it but I’ve met so many great people, linked to so many blogs as a result, every writer should be on it.

    1. It is great, isn’t it? I love that so many of my favorite authors use it. I can find updates on all the novels I’m waiting for the release of without scouring the whole internet.

    1. I probably should have stopped with FB, but there’re so many shiny and new things to entertain myself with on Twitter. Hopefully my self-control will be strong enough to hold me in check.

  2. I don’t have twitter… I’m holding out as long as I can. I will become addicted. I just know it, and I’m already too good at procrastinating as it is. :/ *sigh* I really need to get my act together and join, but I’m afraid it will be too much like a black hole on my writing/social/non-internet life.

    Have fun though 🙂

    1. Keep on holding out. I admire your fortitude 😀 It might be too late to save myself. But who knows? Maybe this will turn into one of those things that I lose interest in after a few weeks.

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