Encouraging Your Writer Buddies

I met one of my best writing buddies on Inkpop.com. It all started out with her amazingly fabulous and absolutely hilarious science fiction novel, Freak. I was so obsessed with it that I had to tell her. I fangirled. A lot. I was this close to making a Freak t-shirt with my favorite character, Jakey, on it (you know you’ve felt this way!).

Many months later, Gem, as this talented young writer is called, and I are buds. She’s in the midst of rewriting Freak, and I’m alternatively fangirling over it and cheering her on. There’s nothing to keep you writing like a crazy girl threatening to hurt you if you don’t write the next darn chapter.

I admit, this situation is party selfish. I really like that novel, and I want to see it published one day as much as Gem does.

But that’s beside the point. Gem works better under these conditions, with someone cracking the whip, constantly demanding that she keep moving her numb fingers across the keyboard without stopping for breaks; someone yelling KEEP ON GOING GEM YOU CAN MAKE IT DON’T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE AND HURT YOU, YOUNG LADY! HUSTLE!

I really want that book. But I also want Gem to reach her goals of finishing the rewrite and beginning the querying process. She’s a nose-to-the-grindstone writer just like me, and more than that, she’s my friend.

Writing and rewriting and getting a novel published is one heck of a road to travel, but Gem and I and all my other writing buddies are going to keep moving forward, one kick in the butt at a time.

(PS – totally unrelated: Ally, I just have to trim a few words off my On Thin Ice entry and then I’ll be sending it to you! People, if you haven’t entered this contest, do it now! Don’t follow my procrastinator’s example! You have until the fifteenth!)

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