Turning Points: Guest Post by Eileen Cook

I read this post about two minutes ago and was immediately compelled to share it, just in case somebody hadn’t read it yet.

distraction no.99

This guest post is part of the Turning Points blog series here on distraction no. 99—in which I asked authors the question: What was your turning point as a writer? I’m honored and excited to host their stories. Read on as Eileen Cook reveals how a “nasty” book led her to wanting to be a writer, and how a teacher’s words pushed her toward reaching her dream…

I can remember the exact moment I first decided I wanted to be a writer. When I was about nine I picked up a Stephen King book. I was at the library and added Salem’s Lot to my usual stack of Choose Your Own Adventure books, Nancy Drew, and the latest from Judy Blume. At the checkout the librarian took one look at the book and made a face.

“You don’t want to read this,” she said. “This is a nasty book. Nasty.”

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2 thoughts on “Turning Points: Guest Post by Eileen Cook

  1. I am so happy the post gave you some inspiration. The fact that you’re taking your writing seriously now is an inspiration to me- it took me forever to get serious. I wasted all that good writing time !

    1. I love the fact that you were reading Stephen King at nine years old. I read everything I could get my hands on when I was younger and had no time constraints, even the backs of hairspray bottles.

      My decision to become a writer wasn’t nearly as humble as yours. I read a boring book and said, “I can write something better than this!” So my mother, an English teacher, challenged me to follow through with my boast.

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