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Creative Writing Journal

As part of my assignments in my creative writing course at school, I have to keep a writing journal. It’s something I’ve always meant to do but never have. Instead, I scribble all over the place with sticky notes, on the back of my hand, or make gigantic Word documents for a few sentences.

But today I went to Target and bought myself a brand spanking new journal along with a 12-pack of my favorite G-2 pens. It wasn’t exactly the journal I wanted, but it has the binding I like, and I stuffed it into my purse to drag around with me.

I’ve managed to fill three pages so far. It’s absolutely amazing what you deem worth writing down when you have paper and pen at your fingertips. Everything I heard or thought of, while far from profound, sparked further thoughts, and I just had to write everything down.

Did I mention that poem I had to write for class? It’s done now. I wrote it in my journal in the car while I was waiting for class to start. Poetry-oriented thoughts come more easily through a pen than through a keyboard.

To complete that assignment, I have to find an inspiring poem on and answer a few questions. The assignment’s due tomorrow, so you can see how important this assignment was to me before I had a fancy journal to write in. It’s not easy to motivate me, but wave a fancy notebook in my face and I’m a goner.

Now I’m off to finish my homework for the night, but I have one last thing to say: I JUST FOUND OUT MY EMAIL BUDDY LIVES NEARBY. Good stuff. I’m very happy.

6 thoughts on “Creative Writing Journal

  1. I love notebooks, though I prefer pencils for some reason over pens. That said, I tend to do my notes electronically because a) my handwriting sucks (sometimes illegible even to me) and b) I like being able to go back and insert more stuff without having to cram it in or anything. Helps me stay organized. That said, I do my chapter outlines in a notebook, point form. Awesome that you found it works for you!

    1. I have a notebook obsession. The moment I see a cool one, I have to have it. I used to write with pencils all the time, but I got tired of sharpening them. It was around then that I discovered the ballpoint pen and have used them ever since. I don’t know why I’m in love with such permanence when my handwriting is like chicken scratch, and the pens are so wet that I smudge ink everywhere, but I love ’em.

  2. What? I don’t live nearby. What are you talking about??

    Oh wait, I never email you back so you must not be referring to me but a different email buddy. Darn. Maybe I’ll actually have to email you sometime ^_^

  3. When I had to start commuting I would have usually 15 mins waiting for a train twice a day, as well as the 30 minute train journey. Before then I had never really considered notebooks, and it was only then, when I had to start making notes in the form of memos on my phone that I realised just how useful they were. Since then I always carried some paper and pens in my bag, and a book for emergencies too. I don’t have to commute anymore, but this post has reminded me that I really should have a notebook in my pocket whenever I go out. You never know when you might have to sit around waiting for things, and how productive that could turn out to be 🙂

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