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This Is How We Do It

Every night last week when I jumped into bed, I wondered when on earth I was going to get a chance to write again. I haven’t written a substantial word of fiction since I finished California Girl. I’ve written a ton of poems, though, for creative writing class. Haiku and minute poems. Catalogue poems. Anti-odes.

It’s a challenge, like everything writing related, but one unlike anything else I’ve done. When I was little, I used to think all poems needed to rhyme, like the genius of Dr. Seuss. In fact, all writing should rhyme, because it’s the most fantabulous writing ever.

Well, my thinking has grown since then. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by my teacher’s exuberance for poetry; it’s the greatest form of writing in the world to him. But it does stretch the mind a lot, forces you to put more meaning into each and every word.

Whilst I haven’t been writing, I have been doing more critiquing. I’m working on the novel of another NaNo-er, but thank God this person is much easier to work with.

I have a subscription to Writers’ Digest now, and it had an interesting article about how helpful critiquing other writers’ work can be for you, even if your own work isn’t critiqued in return. It’s certainly helped me be able to click into editor mode, regardless of whose work I’m editing, and be stern with my fiction.

I miss my writing. A lot. But the moment I post this and close my computer, I’ll be taking out my textbook to study for my World Lit test tomorrow.

But in more upbeat news, when I get a free hour tomorrow I’m planning on typing up the rest of the edits for my short story, Snow, which has set neglected for several months. My friend – the one I was super excited about because I found out she lives nearby – and I are talking about collaborating on a novel, which I’m SUPER excited about.


I know I’ve said Murray State is the best college in the world and my dream school, but I’ve been reevaluating my options and got serious with myself about what I wanted out of school (I’ll spare you the boring details).

In short, I’ve realized I don’t want to go to school out of state. Austin Peay is about an hour and a half from home, in contrast to the four/five hours to Murray. I’ve been to visit the school and love it. I think I’ll be really happy there.

I’ve got to get back to my homework. Homer and Virgil are calling.

PS – I don’t know how this post’s title is relevant. That song is just stuck in my head.

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