Snow and Dedications

You’ll notice a link to a brand new blog page up towards the top of the screen. It will lead you to a page where you can find my (longish) short story, Snow. I wrote it as part of the Winter Romance challenge on Inkpop a year or two ago (it’s really sad that I can’t even remember).

After I finished it, it got tossed onto my pile of One-Day-I’ll-Fix-You-Up projects. I have a lot of those. But last year around this time, I got a comment by a girl, Kayla, from Inkpop who’d read Snow and wanted to know when I was going to get off my lazy butt and fix it up (my words, not hers). (Is it just me or I’m using a lot of parentheses?)

I finished typing the story up last night in lieu of my last thirty minutes of World Lit study. Sometimes you have to make the hard choices, y’know. Honestly, I saw how long ago Kayla wrote that comment, and I felt so guilty that I grabbed the scribbled on copy of Snow and started typing.

As I was thinking about who to dedicate Snow to – because I dedicate everything to somebody – my mind wandered a bit to my dedication for my baby, Summer Rush. Don’t think I’m a weirdo, but I think about it a lot. A lot of people have put a lot of effort into it, and I want to acknowledge all of them. It’s like writing a thank you speech. You get to feel like a movie star.

Who’s put some love into your writing? If you had to write a dedication right now, who would you dedicate your project to?

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