My Mind Has Gone on Strike

Did you know I’m a princess? My father bought me a glittery tiara for my eighteenth birthday last August, and I like to wear it on all special occasions now. I don my princess persona whenever I’m feeling particularly upbeat, or particularly bored, and it instantly improves my mood.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make any fantabulous blog post ideas come to mind. That’s why I’m rambling right now; that’s usually the reason I’m rambling at any time, quite honestly.

Does your brain ever go to that place where it just can’t think straight? No matter how hard you think, nothing seems worth writing about. All ideas have been used before, or aren’t substantial enough for a post, or require so much work that you just moan and discard it.

I’m at that place right now. I have two lit papers due tomorrow, at least five hours worth of homework to do for my online classes, and another couple of hours of reading.

But that’s not the reason my mind has gone on strike. I’ve put this thing off for as long as I possibly can, but I really can’t go any further without it. I have edited Summer Rush seven times. I have crafted Summer Rush’s query letter. What remains now is

The Synopsis

I’ve written a synopsis before. It was dry and dull and for a project that I killed. That project was 35,000 words, and the synopsis took me quite a while. Summer Rush is 92,000 words and ten times more complicated.

Since 2007, when I sent out my first query letter ever (long, long, long story of an unexperienced writer; but I somehow got a request for a full manuscript, so I must have done something right), I’ve been studying query letters. I’ve written at least one for each of my major books. It’s by no means easy, but it’s a hard that I understand.

A synopsis is a different matter altogether. I’ve been Googling tutorials and articles and examples of synopses for awhile now, but I haven’t even attempted writing one for Summer Rush yet. It’s just that daunting.

I know I have to write one. It’s still part of the traditional package, and it’s better to have one and not need it than to get a request for one and not have it. But I freely admit: I’m out of my league with this one.

Advice, anyone? Good articles you can point me in the direction of? And has anyone written a synopsis before?

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