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Tornados and Swirling Thoughts

My fair city is under a tornado watch right now, and being the countrified, running-with-no-shoes type of girl that I am, I ran outside with my siblings to take pictures of the sky and hypothesize what would be the best course of action should the storm arrive, or who would run the fastest to get back to the house if the tornado were coming up the street. Stupid, I know, but that’s what we do.

Guess what? It’s SPRING BREAK! Booyah!

I’m free for a week. I cannot believe my teachers suggested I look ahead in my lessons over the break. Do they not understand the concept of BREAK? I mean, really. Do they know me at all? I won’t think of school and books until Sunday night, at which point I’ll try to do all the stuff they suggested I do.

ANYWAY, I’m trying out Scrivener. I’m using it to plot a new idea of mine, one which is so TOP SECRET that I can’t even think about it as I’m writing this post.

No, I’m kidding. The idea consists of about a sentence, so that’s why I’m not boring you with the details. Scrivener seems pretty nifty so far, although I’m not usually the planning type. I will let you know more when I’ve done more 🙂

Adios! I am off to enjoy my break!

One thought on “Tornados and Swirling Thoughts

  1. Oh Scrivener! You must tell me how that is. I keep meaning to try it, but never seem to get around to it. You should definitely do a writerly review post on it!

    We had a tornado around here about a week ago, it’s a terribly beautiful thing… so destructive… but awe inspiring at the same time!

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