Spring Break-Less

It’s been very radio-silent around here for the past ten days. That’s partly because it was Spring Break and I was going crazy wild… okay, not really. Not unless sleeping until all hours of the day, horseback riding, and eating deLISHcious sushi counts as crazy wild. Anyway, it was also partly because my brain is now a ghost town. The thoughts once residing there are all dead, and now only ghosts of thoughts creep around.

I hope you’re getting the same marvelous mental image as me of ghosts and a town and a few strategically placed tombstones. Holy pharyngeal gills, how I love the imagination.

Heading into this week of ugly back-to-school-ness, I’ve found comfort in a so far hilarious novel called The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June. I got it from the library over two months ago and am only just now reading it because my sister Liz read it and couldn’t stop gushing. I’m lovin’ it.

In other news, I’ve made it to the next round of the Pitch Madness contest, which is fabulous. I won’t bore you with the details of it since it’s too late for you to enter and therefore of no consequence to you, but be warned that tomorrow will most likely see a) a ginormously excited happy monologue if the contest goes well or b) a ginormously bummed out and unhappy cry fest if the contest doesn’t go well.

What else did I do over Spring Break?

Well, I watched hours upon hours of Charmed, making my way from season three to season eight. I went horseback riding in sneakers, and while the ride was fun, the footwear sucked, so I ran down to the Franklin Horse Supply store and bought some riding boots. My younger sister had a gymnastics competition and won first in everything but the all-around. I reread California Girl at midnight, laughing all the way. My family celebrated my old man’s 49 birthday with shiny gifts and yummy cake.

How ’bout you? What exploits, grand or otherwise, have you been up to?

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