Nasty Stomach Bug, Go Away ft. PITCHMADNESS

This is why children should be kept in cages. Then they can’t give you their gross sicknesses on bright, beautiful days when you would really, really like to be well.

You know I’m kidding.

Sort of.

My younger brother generously shared his contaminated germs with me, so I’ve been crawling around moaning and whining about how much my stomach hurts all day long and some of last night. And, totally unrelated, my sister almost gave me a heart attack by falling out of bed this morning with a gargantuan thump. I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a couple of beats, and not in the nice way.

So, you know how I said today I would either be celebrating madly or crying like a big wanker depending on how the Pitch Madness contest went? Prepare for celebratory madness!

In this contest, writers sent in a 35 word pitch for and the first 150 words of their novel. Sixty were chosen out of the original 150ish, and those chosen went on to the next round, where agents got to bid on full or partial requests, poker style, like so:

The agent bidding closed at 12pm eastern, which was eleven am my time, which of course was when I was trapped in the Room of Doom, aka biology class. As if the fact that the lecture was on all the little nuances of human reproduction wasn’t enough to make me run from the classroom, I was DYING to know how Summer Rush had fared.

Once I was safely back at home and at my computer, I was almost too scared to see how it went down, but I screwed up enough courage to see that four agents had requested pages! Two of them tied with their poker hand, which led to a challenge round, which led to Victoria Marini getting dibs and requesting The. Whole. Manuscript.

Excuse me while I hyperventilate.

Okay. Done. For now. And yes, I did take many screen pics of the whole event.

Now, to be realistic, just because she wants to take a look at it doesn’t mean she wants it wants it. I’m telling myself to think positively but realistically at the same time, but the honest truth is, I’m pretty giddy just about the fact that my pitch isn’t a piece of crap after all. Funny thing to be excited about, but I was worried about it.

So. We shall see what happens. Maybe Ms. Marini reads SR and absolutely loathes it. Maybe she reads it and loves it. Or, horrors, maybe she reads it and feels no feeling whatsoever. I think that would be the worst.

Wish my baby good luck?

4 thoughts on “Nasty Stomach Bug, Go Away ft. PITCHMADNESS

  1. Oh congratulations Gabby! That is so awesome! I’m sure you will do wonderfully. You have worked so hard on SR it’s got to pay off at some point. 🙂

    I hope you feel better. I had the stomach bug last week and it was dreadful. Drink lots of fluids!


    1. Thank you on both counts 🙂 I’m feeling much better now and hopefully will be one hundred percent by this weekend, as I’m supposed to help my big sister move to her new house!

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