I Have an Inability for Continuity, but I Did See The Hunger Games

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post, so my title is more or less self-explanatory. I admit, since sending my novel off to the agent who requested to read it, I’ve been mostly languishing around. I know I’m not supposed to, as a common piece of advice for writers is to send something off and then get right to work on something else, but I can’t. I’m in a state of limbo. 

Whilst these nearly two weeks have been sadly non-productive, I did go see The Hunger Games. There are plenty of good reviews of the movie out there, I’m sure, so I’m not going to really write a review here. I know there are tons of diehard THG fans out there, and I wouldn’t want to step on any toes or ruin it for people (as plenty of people ruined my favorite things for me in the past. It really sucks). 

I will say this: Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence is pretty epic. I’ve never read the books, so I can’t say Lawrence really captured Katniss’ character or anything, but she was boss. Best part ever? She didn’t turn into a crybaby wuss where Peeta was concerned (that wuss-ness in female characters is a serious pet peeve of mine). I like the movie. I probably still won’t read the books, but I will watch the following movies. 

That’s enough of that. You know what I’m really excited for? Brave. I have a thing for animated movies. Very excited. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you should go see it. 

Anyway, I’m here at the library, supposedly writing on something that I’m clearly not writing on. Like I said, I’m in limbo. I can’t focus. I want to write something new because I’m bored of editing, but I don’t want to write anything new because I’m not excited enough about any of my ideas. 

This is turning into a whining post. Oh dear. In happier news, I finally got my hands on The Night Circus and Croak, two books which I’ve been looking forward to reading, and Fever isn’t too far behind. I love books so much. They make me happy just thinking about them. 

So, ladies and gents, how have your lives been? What do you do when you’re at an in-between place in writing and don’t know what to do next? Have you seen The Hunger Games? 

2 thoughts on “I Have an Inability for Continuity, but I Did See The Hunger Games

  1. The Night Circus is the most unique book I have ever read, but it was fantastic. It’s so different and passionate and vivid.

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