Oh My Goodness

I’m really having trouble posting regularly, aren’t I? I’m a horrible blogger, a horrible, horrible blogger. This month has been a little hectic, especially lately what with finals coming up and everything. I’ve turned in my portfolio for Creative Writing class, and next week is the class reading. I have to find something to read in front of all my classmates. Gah. Scary stuff.

In spite of that, I’ve had time to read fabulous books like CROAK and BEFORE I FALL, and FEVER, to some extent.

CROAK is one of my new ultimate favorite books. It’s about a teenage girl who discovers she’s a Grim Reaper. I stayed up until three in the morning reading this book. The main character, Lexington, is a wonderful, snarky, delightfully un-delightful original character. The world of Croak, the town where the Grim Reapers stay, has the most hilarious names, and a great cast of characters.

The ending… it kind of left me with my jaw hanging open. It’s not an ending tied up neatly with a bow, but it’s great nonetheless. I did know who the villain was the whole time, but I still loved reading the book. Its language content isn’t gentle by any stretch of the imagination, but if you can see past that, a definite read!

BEFORE I FALL… thanks so much, Ally, for recommending this to me! I love it. I also stayed up until around three in the morning for this one. I thought having the MC relive the same day seven times would get repetitive, but it surprised me. The ending almost made me cry. There were tears in my eyes, but then again, I am an emotional sap in the wee hours of the morning. Everybody should read this.

As for FEVER. To be brutally honest, I wasn’t expecting that much from this novel. I hadn’t heard great things about it, and I knew my favorite character, Linden, wouldn’t be playing a huge part since Rhine ran off. Once I muddled past the beginning chapters, which didn’t impress me at all, I started enjoying it more. There were some surprises, especially towards the end. Rhine isn’t the greatest character and honestly, the only reason I’ll be reading the third book can be summed up in three words: LINDEN AND ROWAN.

Now I’m reading my guilty pleasure, the (fourth?) Privilege book called PURE SIN. I have to be in a certain frame of mind to read books about such petty, snotty, and murderous characters, but yeah, I’m occasionally in that frame of mind. I wouldn’t recommend the Privilege or Private books to anyone, as they’re the kind of soul-sucking books I usually avoid, but I’m stuck with ’em now. I have to know if Arianna snaps and kills anyone else. Her body count is three so far, but you never know.

By far more exciting than PURE SIN is the second Virals book, SEIZURE. I LOVE this book! I love the characters and the setting (although sometimes it reads like a science or history book; I don’t mind that), and the books are just so freaking awesome that I’m about to throw down my computer and go pick Seizure up again.

First, I’ll post this.

Adios, peeps!

3 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness

  1. Your Welcome, it was an awesome book! LOL, but anyway, I am interested/dreading to read Fever as Linden was also my favorite and Rhine and the guy she ran off with were… uhhh not my favorite characters ever, but your review makes me feel a little less guility about reading it. Because, honestly Wither was kind of disappointing based upon the hype surrounding it. But I feel like that happens a lot lately.

    1. Hopefully the last book makes up for it! I know that a lot of times the middle book in a trilogy is mediocre, because it sort of hits a lull. I’m looking forward to Sever!

  2. Hey, at least you’re not as bad blogger as…well, me. I’ve only done, like, what? Five posts this whole year? Haha. And I totally didn’t post ANYTHING in March. Hardly anything last month. Hopefully I’ll get better this month.
    For some reason, it seems that a lot of bloggers aren’t posting as regularly as usual.
    Anyway, I absolutely love BEFORE I FALL. It was one of the first YA books I read, and it was such an arresting one. I get all nostalgic when I look at it because it was a birthday present and I was pretty excited to read it, so it reminds me a lot about that day. Weird, but whatever.
    I also really want to read FEVER.

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