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I Am Houdini

Hello, folks!

I’ve been MIA for some time now, but I think those times are over. I’ve ended my sophomore year at Columbia State Community College, and what an ending it was. I’m not going to bore you with my scholastic achievements, other than to say that my creative writing teacher loved my portfolio and the poem I read at the end of class reading elicited a stupendous response. That was the high point of my semester, no lie.

It’s summer time! Yay! All my school is behind my until my summer class starts in July, so I’m going absolutely mad with glee over all the writing/reading/editing time I’ll have. I’m already working on editing a new friend’s novel (no worries, people; it’s all good this time, and I like her story). I’m also working on my mom’s ebook.

As lots of you already know, I’m still slaving away on California Girl. Its second draft is still in the brainstorming stage. There are so many plot layers that I know I have to get rid of some, and I’m trying to decide which ones. It’s hard. Summer Rush is still languishing in an agent inbox, and I’m attempting to wait patiently for a response. Given that I have no patience, my best bet is to try to forget about it. Which is also not working. I think my sister will punch me if I mention it one more time.

On the reading front, I’m reading PODCASTING: THE DO-IT-YOURSELF-GUIDE and I finally have CRUEL LOVE, the last book in the Privilege series. I’m ecstatic about this book. Arianna needs to go back to jail! But she’ll probably ride off into the sunset, determined to continue her duplicitous life until she’s run out of people to kill…

Concerning movies, I’ve seen AVENGERS twice now, and I love it! I mean, any movie with Thor and Iron Man is bound to be awesome. And if that movie happens to be made by Joss Whedon (aka, the brilliant brain behind Buffy, Angel, AND Dollhouse) it’s bound to be ten thousand times more awesomer. Yes. I just made up a word.

There are so many movies coming out that I can’t wait to watch – The Amazing Spider Man; The Dark Knight Rises (excited is not even the word to describe my impatience to see this movie); Battleship; and I really, really want to watch Prometheus although it looks a tad scary and I don’t do well with scary movies; and, last but not least, BRAVE. I cannot wait for that!


I’m going to do useful things with this blog in the coming days, honest. I intend on talking about everything from Scrivener to reading your work in front of people to overediting to balancing voice and grammar. Random thought: isn’t interesting how sometimes writers think a piece of their work is absolutely horrible and it turns out to be something that everybody else loves?



One thought on “I Am Houdini

  1. Welcome back! And on your last point, we are all our own worst critics. I’m almost more worried when I like something I wrote, if only because I wonder if I’m being sufficiently critical :). I can’t win either way.

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