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The Disappearance of Gabrielle

That title is borrowed from the subject line of an email from a friend, who also pulled a rather spectacular disappearing act. I can’t believe I’ve only posted once this month! Bad, Gabrielle, bad! You are a very bad girl!

So, why have I been MIA after such glorious promises of good behavior in my last post? There are a number of reasons, one being that I’m spectacularly lazy in the summertime and have been obsessed with watching Supernatural and Veronica Mars until all hours of the morning. Also, scholarship essays. Big time-consumers, those pesky buggers are.

The other reason comes in the form of a novel called The Girl I Used to Be, which I’ve been working on since April 26 but, in this past month, have become completely obsessed with. It’s only going to be 60,000 words, so at 54,700 I’m basically finished. As the title suggests, it’s kind of a reflective, thoughtful novel, not my usual comedic or cyborg-filled type of writing (I still like writing that, of course).

I don’t have a blurb for it yet, so I’m not even going to try to sum it up in a coherent paragraph. I’m horrible about that. Instead, how about an excerpt?

We went to his house, like we’d been doing a lot lately. Mom was concerned that I was spending too much time away from home, but I wasn’t. I just liked the house in New Lake, liked watching the sunlight come through the stained glass crane in the little circle window on the front of the house. Cade was obsessed with them. He made origami cranes, had little crane figurines made of glass. Once, I asked him why he liked them so much, and he told me about the story of Suduko and the thousand paper cranes: a little girl with leukemia believed that if she could fold a thousand origami cranes, she would be healed. She died before she finished. But Cade still liked them, loved the idea of the hope and the magic in the birds’ unfolding wings. I remembered the cover picture on his album, of him on the roof surrounded by the delicate paper creatures, and wondered what he was hoping for.

Those are the thoughts of my MC, Stephanie. She’s turning out to be an interesting narrator, even if she’s not as funny as my usual type of character. I’m supposed to finish my first draft on the 31st. Fingers crossed! I have the feeling the ending is going to be the hardest part.

Instead of promising that I’ll make this blog entertaining and useful in the coming weeks, I have a new plan. What do YOU want me to write about? Seriously. Anything. It can be random or pertinent, serious or silly. Gardening (that would be a short post)? Tennessee weather? What’s it like living with nine people? Have I ever wanted to try parachuting (heck yeah!)?

I live to serve! Share your thoughts!

Adios! Gabs

2 thoughts on “The Disappearance of Gabrielle

    1. Thank you! I’m glad to be back 🙂 Hopefully for good this time! I’ve fallen so far behind with my reading the new posts from the blogs I describe to. I’ll probably be catching up with that for the rest of tonight!

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