Change of Scene

I abuse summer every year. There’s all this wonderful time to write and hang out and try new things, and I end up sleeping half the day and watching TV shows on DVD the other half. It’s horrible. I’ve got to spend my summer wisely this year.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to pack up Tasha, my notebooks, and my pens and go find a new place to write. I’ve spent so much time at my desk that I don’t want to ever see it again, and writing on my bed always leads to taking a nap or vegging with my iPod blasting Pink and Katy Perry in my ears.

Whenever I have loads of time to write, I tend not to write. It’s a conundrum. It’s like when you have mountains of ice cream – you don’t even want it anymore. During the school semester, writing time was precious. After doing readings and essays for class, every second I spent writing was a reward.

Now, when I could write all day if I wanted to, it no longer feels urgent or fun. In fact, it kind of feels like work.

But have no fear! I’m not in a slump. I just need to get out, see some different scenery, get some different mental stimulation. It’ll help me get my mind back in gear. I love writing at Panera Bread, but I don’t get as much work done there as I need to. The library is a good place to go, too, although I can’t talk aloud there without annoying people with my crazy writer talk.

But this time, I’m looking for some off the beaten path type places to write in. Ideas? What are some of the craziest or most interesting places you’ve ever gone to write?

3 thoughts on “Change of Scene

  1. the local used bookstore, coffee shops, the swimming pool (beside it, not in it-this really works for me), under a tree in a park. IN a tree in a park. On the roof. (That would be awesome.)

    Oh, and I’ve noticed lately that I get all my inspiration when I have NO time to write, and then the second I DO have time…I have nothing to say.

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