The Illuminating Blogger Award

As I mentioned in my previous post, the awesome Valerie Moses gave me the Illuminating Blogger Award for illuminative, informative content! Thanks so much, Valerie. If you hadn’t given me this award to begin with, I’d definitely be giving it to you!

In accepting this award, I swear upon pain of death to share one random thing about myself and nominate five other illuminating bloggers for this award.

One random thing about me: I’m slightly anal about keeping wrinkles out of the rug in my bedroom. It drives me crazy if it gets rumpled. I’ll even get out of bed in the middle of the night and straighten it if I see it’s askew.

Now, for five bloggers!

Flourish in Progress is so awesome. There’s a ton of swearing, but you will laugh. Hard.

Life in Limbo is, of course!, the blog of the wonderful Stephanie. She writes about life and writing and recipes and all manner of fun stuff. I love her upbeat and optimistic outtake on things, and she’s wicked creative, too.

Distraction no. 99 is by Nova Ren Suma, the author of IMAGINARY GIRLS and DANI NOIR. Right now she’s running a blog series called Turning Points which talks about the turning points in the writing careers of up-and-coming authors.

The Books & Such Literary Agency blog is run by the lovely ladies of the agency, and they talk about all manner of writing things like writing good queries and behaving with professionalism.

Literary Rambles does agent spotlights and has tons of writing tips. Good stuff here!

And that’s all for now, folks! Thanks again, Valerie!


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