Book Learning Podcast #3

Because I was lazy, I never wrote proper posts for the two previous podcasts, but I think this is one of the best yet and I want to give it its proper due.

For any of you who don’t know what the Book Learning Podcast is all about, look up towards the top of the page and click the tab by the same name or hop over here, to my co-podcaster Stephanie’s blog, to read her excellent post about it.

Last week was the first half of our two-part episode “The Beginner Writer’s Toolbox.” We talked about some of the mental obstacles beginning writer’s face and mentioned some great writing quotes and resources to help you on your way.

This week was part two, and we discussed different ways to create your work environment, how we come up with ideas and suggestions for you to come up with your own, and the importance of setting good goals for yourself. Our first two podcasts came in under forty-five minutes, but we had so much to talk about in this one that we almost went for a full hour!

As always, we mentioned the books we were reading. Stephanie is reading The Art of Fielding, which, due to her excitement about it, I have added to my to-read list! I’m in the process of re-reading H.I.V.E: The Overlord Protocol, which is the sequel to H.I.V.E. Marvelous books. You should read them.

This episode isn’t up on our iTunes page (which you can click to from the aforementioned podcast tab) yet, but you can watch the video below. Adios!

And I swear I’m going to blog more. Really!


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