JulNoWriMo: A7

It’s about to be JulNoWriMo, peoples! I am maniacally happy because not only do I need the madness at this moment, but also because literally thirty minutes ago I just came up with an idea. For the moment, I’m calling it A7. It’s gonna be good, I can tell.

My goal for JulNoWriMo is to write 2500 words a day, which will put me at a 77,000 word novel when all’s said and done – if i stay on track, anyway.

For some reason, JulNo is always harder for me than NaNo. Probably because it’s bright and sunny outside and there’s no school and I’m more likely to waste time staring at the TV or floating in the pool.

If you’re not already planning to do JulNo, think about it! It’s fun!


One thought on “JulNoWriMo: A7

  1. Good luck! It’s always great when you’re excited about an idea. Having recently completed Camp NaNo-June, I totally understand the madness comment 🙂

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