JulNoWriMo Day 2

It’s 10:43 on day 2 as I’m sitting down to write my 2500 words. Yesterday’s word count was a lovely 8,055 words, and although part of me is insisting I’m tired and am well enough ahead that I don’t need to write today, I’m not going to bed until my word count is achieved.

In brighter news, I got my room at APSU for this fall! Yay! That said, I kind of wish I was going in as a freshman. I think they have more fun than transfers.

In an attempt to make this a useful post, I’m going to direct you all to and suggest you sign up for her daily writing prompts! I did three days ago and they’re lots of fun. I now have three little snippets of something that I’ll probably polish up or expand on once it’s no longer JulNo and I have some time.

I hope some of you are doing JulNo. It’s worth it!

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