JulNoWriMo Day 3

Work is progressing slowly, and I’m not as in love with my plot now as I was on days 1 and 2. But it’s all good. I’ve decided I’m just going to write without judgment until the end of the month. If I hate it more and more as the month goes, oh well. If writing was easy, they’d call it sleeping. 

I just made that up. 

Now, who wants an excerpt? 

“I’m not an alien,” I said.

They all turned to look at me. Dr. Porter sighed, and from the other side of the wall, Ava laughed out loud.

“Excuse me?” Mr. Dreggs said.

“I’m not an alien, Mr. Dreggs.” I put my fingers on the glass. “I was born here. Bred here. Whichever you prefer. I speak your language and read your words and follow the rules you make for me.”

“Shut up, Allie,” Alec whispered.

I didn’t stop. “You kill us off slowly by taking our bodies to make yourselves live longer.”

“You brought this disease on us,” Mr. Dreggs shouted. I flinched. “Your filthy ship let this Sevvenian gas into the atmosphere, and it’s killing us, little by little. If we have to take your body parts in order to survive, then I say let’s do it.” His lips trembled. His fingers clenched. “The more of you that die, the happier I will be.” 

Happy writing!

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