I Am So Good

Look at me, doing homework and working on my query letter like a good student writer. On those rare occasions when I’m actually diligent and get things done, I’m so proud of myself. I’d been giving my query the evil eye for a couple of days. I guess seeing it returned to me with a rejection attached was making me hate it, because I saw flaws in it I’d never seen before.

Fortunately, Taryn Albright of Teen Eyes Editorial was doing a series on her blog about the ugly, the good, and the blah of query letters (there’s a method to the order, really). She’s super amazing because she also offers personal help with writing query letters, so if any of you are struggling, check that out!

I know you’re all wondering about how my JulNoWriMo novel, ALLIE SEVVEN, is coming along. Well, somewhere along the line, an alien invasion appeared in the plot. Who knew? I’m pretty excited. I have 42, 083/62,000 words. There are two weeks left, so if I’m good, I’ll get that done in no time. That’s… *pulls out calculator* about 1,430 words a day. No biggie.

Speaking of writing goals, Stephanie‘s writing goal is to do the first read-through of her NaNo novel before podcast episode six (five is recorded! Yay! It’ll be up on iTunes soon)! Yep, Steph, I’m throwing you under the bus. Now everybody knows and you have to do it or let us all down.

How goes your writing goals? Set any new records for yourself, good or bad?

4 thoughts on “I Am So Good

  1. Well I’m back from vacation so… my goal is to not go another vacation? Gosh that sounds boring. But, seriously when I’m not on vacation I really do writer things! Haha looking forward to podcast 5!

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