The First Read-Through

I’m still not done with Next Full Moon. Blegh. I’m gonna’ work on it as soon as I’m done writing this post, okay? Happy?

Today I did the first read through on novel fifteen, tentatively titled IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THAT. I read it through from beginning to end and actually really, really enjoyed it. There’s only one massive thing that I think will need to be fixed. I really don’t know why some first drafts turn out to be tankers and others are just about the best first draft you could ask for.

The sucky part is, I’m not allowed to go any further with revising IWNAT until after I finish Next Full Moon, and even once that’s done, there are two new projects that I’m thinking about working on. I can’t decide which one yet.

So many decisions to make!

In the meantime, Next Full Moon… I’m so bored of this story, guys. Not to say it’s boring. I’m just bored of it. Sigh.

On a fun note, what are y’alls favorite fonts to write in? Mine used to be Calibri, size eleven, magnification 90 percent, but all of a sudden I’ve switched to Cambria. It looks more grounded on the page. What say you?


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