Sometimes I Pretend People Hang on My Every Word

Self-importance to the max, people. Bear with me while I pretend you’re all dying to hear the mindless prattle I’m about to write.

Up on the navigation bar you’ll notice the tabs for Snow and Summer Rush have disappeared and this innocuous little one labeled Fiction has appeared. Well, in case you can’t figure it out (I have every faith that you can), Snow and Summer Rush are under that tab now.

AS IS…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE… a link to the first three chapters of Next Full Moon on Wattpad. You will also notice the blurb, which I’ve very pleased to have worked the phrase “throw-down” into. I couldn’t figure out how to get “grudge match” in there, though Bummer.

I’m on chapter five of editing California Girl, and I’m not very happy about it. The first read-through got me kind of excited because it didn’t suck as badly as I anticipated, but this read through – what with having to mark things to fix – is depressing me. But fear not! On pain of owing up to lying about working on it, I will finish!

That made more sense in my head, but you get my drift. If I try to explain further the glaring holes in the logic will embarrass me.

Moving forward!

My weekend will begin (I’m home from school, by the way) the moment my sisters and I pile into the car to get snacks for our weekendly Buffy marathon, and I am awaiting that moment with bated breath. Then I will be catatonic in front of the television with Buffy and Supernatural all weekend, and I might slip some homework in and I might not, and I might do some editing and I might not.

Yeesh. Don’t look at me like that. All work and no play makes Gabs a very dull girl. Don’t be all up in my grille.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Pretend People Hang on My Every Word

  1. If you’re going to procrastinate via television, Buffy and Supernatural are great shows to pick to do so. I approve. Not that you need my approval or anything. I should be writing, but I keep getting distracted by blogs and writing blog posts…Darn it, I’ve done it again!

    1. Haha! That’s not a bad way to procrastinate, either. I mean, look on the bright side. We could be harassing our nephews or watching Shrek 2 for the millionth time… not that I would ever EVER do that…

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